Blurred Bubbles

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Size: 7 Heads
Light Range: Warm White
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Unique Design: Soft Ambient Illumination

This elegant statement piece is crafted from a blend of glass stone, iron, and aluminum, ensuring durability while offering a sophisticated aesthetic. Each globe houses a bulb that casts a soft, ambient light, providing a gentle illumination that enhances the ambiance of any room.

  • Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms
  • Installs in 15 minutes
  • Perfect for creating ambiance


Glass Stone, Aluminum


Gold Base


Adjustable Length, Globe Diameter 6"



Power Supply


Our new lights from Haus of Interiors just make the room. Love them.

Elli J.

Color Temperature

OFF: When switched off, the Blurred Bubbles chandelier remains a sleek, sculptural addition to any room, blending seamlessly with your decor.

Warm (3000K): Ideal for cozy, inviting spaces, the warm light provides a soothing ambiance, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where relaxation is key.

Neutral (4000K): This mid-range color temperature offers a balanced, natural light that is excellent for workspaces like home offices and kitchens, aiding concentration and visibility.

Cool (5000K): Mimicking daylight, the cool setting enhances focus and energy, best suited for task lighting and areas requiring bright illumination.

TriColor: With the ability to toggle between Warm, Neutral, and Cool light settings, the Blurred Bubbles chandelier offers customizable ambiance at the flip of a switch, ensuring optimal lighting for any activity or time of day.