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Matrix Glow RingsMatrix Glow Rings
Matrix Glow Rings Sale priceFrom $450.00
Nordic Slide Sticks • 2 PackNordic Slide Sticks • 2 Pack
Nordic Slide Sticks • 2 Pack Sale priceFrom $295.00
Matrix Floor LampMatrix Floor Lamp
Matrix Floor Lamp Sale priceFrom $329.00
Italian Glass Pendants - 2-Pack - ClearItalian Glass Pendants - 2-Pack - Clear
Italian Glass Pendants - 2-Pack - WhiteItalian Glass Pendants - 2-Pack - White
The Glitch • Green Stone • 2-PackThe Glitch • Green Stone • 2-Pack
The Glitch • White Stone • 2-PackThe Glitch • White Stone • 2-Pack
The Glitch • Gray Stone • 2-PackThe Glitch • Gray Stone • 2-Pack
The Glitch • Black and Gold • 2-PackThe Glitch • Black and Gold • 2-Pack
Nordic Dream • 2-PackNordic Dream • 2-Pack
Nordic Dream • 2-Pack Sale priceFrom $325.00
Blurred BubblesBlurred Bubbles
Blurred Bubbles Sale priceFrom $775.00
Mystic GlobesMystic Globes
Mystic Globes Sale priceFrom $699.00
On sale
Crystal Ring ChandelierCrystal Ring Chandelier
Crystal Ring Chandelier Sale priceFrom $895.00 Regular price$995.00
Nordic GeoDome Pendant
Nordic GeoDome Pendant Sale priceFrom $195.00
The EclipseThe Eclipse
The Eclipse Sale priceFrom $189.00
Nordic Floor GlobesNordic Floor Globes
Nordic Floor Globes Sale price$599.00
Lollipop Wall Lamp - Gold
Lollipop Wall Lamp - Gold Sale price$98.00
Nordic Rings - GoldNordic Rings - Gold
Nordic Rings - Gold Sale priceFrom $795.00
Organic Dome - WhiteOrganic Dome - White
Organic Dome - White Sale priceFrom $429.00
Organic CoveOrganic Cove
Organic Cove Sale priceFrom $245.00
Silk Glow PendantsSilk Glow Pendants
Silk Glow Pendants Sale priceFrom $499.00
Nordic GlobeNordic Globe
Nordic Globe Sale price$389.00
Minimal Accent Light - BlackMinimal Accent Light - Black
Minimal Accent Light - Black Sale priceFrom $75.00
On sale
Nordic Crystal Chandelier
Nordic Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom $399.00 Regular price$599.00
On sale
Blade Light BarBlade Light Bar
Blade Light Bar Sale priceFrom $259.00 Regular price$299.00
Outdoor Minimal Light Bar
Outdoor Minimal Light Bar Sale priceFrom $89.00
Oxford Pendant LampsOxford Pendant Lamps
Oxford Pendant Lamps Sale priceFrom $59.00
London Loft Bubble DropLondon Loft Bubble Drop
London Loft Bubble Drop Sale price$429.00
Nordic Tulip PendantNordic Tulip Pendant
Nordic Tulip Pendant Sale price$99.00
Nordic FlameNordic Flame
Nordic Flame Sale priceFrom $345.00
Culture Sale priceFrom $319.00
Candy Sale price$135.00
Rounded Light Bar - BlackRounded Light Bar - Black
Rounded Light Bar - Black Sale priceFrom $225.00
London Loft BubbleLondon Loft Bubble
London Loft Bubble Sale price$549.00
Nordic Tulip - Black
Nordic Tulip - Black Sale price$99.00
The Nordic Button - BlackThe Nordic Button - Black
The Nordic Button - Black Sale price$199.00
Nordic Bubble - Black
Nordic Bubble - Black Sale priceFrom $489.00
New MoonNew Moon
New Moon Sale priceFrom $325.00
Nordic Light PendantNordic Light Pendant
Nordic Light Pendant Sale priceFrom $145.00
Comos Sale priceFrom $725.00
Nordic Pendent Drop LampNordic Pendent Drop Lamp
Nordic Pendent Drop Lamp Sale price$145.00
Nordic Copper WineNordic Copper Wine
Nordic Copper Wine Sale price$325.00
Minimal Light Bar
Minimal Light Bar Sale priceFrom $109.00
Art Deco BubbleArt Deco Bubble
Art Deco Bubble Sale priceFrom $695.00
Disruption Sale priceFrom $775.00
Wood Light Bar - WalnutWood Light Bar - Walnut
Wood Light Bar - Walnut Sale priceFrom $395.00
Porcini - Copper
Porcini - Copper Sale price$65.00
Affluent - Rose Gold
Affluent - Rose Gold Sale price$50.00
The Vibe Cloud
The Vibe Cloud Sale priceFrom $475.00
The Heritage - BlackThe Heritage - Black
The Heritage - Black Sale priceFrom $775.00